Five Reasons Why I Love The Vikings Tv Series

"Vikings", the TV series launched in 2013 b which follows the exploits of legendary Norsemen like Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, has quickly become one of my favorite TV series of all times.
Five Reasons Why I Love the Vikings TV Series
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Watching TV series is not necessarily  my favorite way of spending my free time, but throughout the years there were a few exceptions  represented by truly great shows which I found so fascinating that I couldn't stop feeling a little sad whenever a season from that show was over, while at the same being pleased to find out that there would another season from that series to enjoy during the following year. Such an exception is represented by the historical drama television series "Vikings", which is inspired by the tales of the legendary exploits of the mighty Norsemen whose raids

across the UK, France and other parts of Europe had a great influence on the economical, social and political evolution of the Old Continent in the centuries that followed.

"Vikings" has fascinated me from the very first episode I watched back in 2013 and has remained one of my favorite 3 series for the last four years, therefore I was highly pleased when I found out that its fifth season would be aired in 2017. Of course, every great show has to come to an end at a certain point in order to avoid becoming repetitive and downright boring, but I still think this isn't the case of "Vikings", as there are still plenty of lands to explore in Europe and even beyond, so I dare predict that the show will last for a few more years. Now, that I have watched most of season 4 and it will soon be time to take another break and meet the fearless warriors of the North again next year,  I have decided to write down five reasons for which I enjoy this historical series so much, so here they are:

1. The show depicts a much more complex portrayal of the Viking society that goes beyond stereotypes. Surely, they are presented as cruel, merciless, brutal  conquerors capable of causing havoc and suffering to the people who were unfortunate enough to appear in their path, but they are also shown as capable of living in an organized society and respecting a set of rules and. They are skillful and also disciplined warriors, they don't simply attack at random, but they carefully plan their raids, and they are also masterful ship builders, probably the best during the centuries in which they thrived.

2. Some of the main characters of "Vikings" have also a rich spiritual life and they try to expand their horizons and try at least  to understand  other religions with whom they inevitably get in touch. This clash between the Norse Gods and mythology on the one hand, and Christianity on the other hand, that increases the inner conflicts which take place in the souls of remarkable characters like Ragnar or Floki and makes them a lot more complex than one could have imagined at the beginning of the show.

3. The death of a key character does not diminish the interest of viewers towards the show because there are other ones which rise to prominence and manage to captivate us as much as the ones who have left the show. There are other series in which some characters seem impossible to

replace, but luckily this is not the case with "Vikings." One of the key Viking figures may have left us towards the end of season 4, but his followers are so well presented in their hunger for revenge and conquest of the new territories that the show simply can and must go on with them as the leading figures.

4. The show keeps on expanding its historical and geographical boundaries as the Norsemen get in touch with more people and cultures. From the United Kingdom to France an then to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, these avid travelers and explorers are always willing to go further; most of their initial contacts with the indigenous people of those people are indeed bloody, but there's much more than killing and plundering in their minds; some of them settle down in those areas and start a new life as farmers, traders or soldiers. They are capable of integrating in their countries and living according to the rules of those lands.

5. There are some unforgettable scenes which I keep watching once in a while, in which reality and fiction are intertwined, such as the scenes in which we notice the presence of some mysterious figures which seem to represent the Norse Gods, and especially Odin, who descend into the world of the mortals from time to time and send them some cryptic messages regarding their future and the dramatic events they will have to face, adds an aura of mysticism to the show and enhance its dramatic quality. Scenes of sacrifices to the Gods and executions of traitors are also among the most impressive ones I have seen in a movie or series, and the scene of the blood eagle execution which is inflicted by King Ragnar to one of its rivals in season 2 sends shivers down my spine whenever I watch it  on Youtube. It sends a clear and simple message to all those who conspire and betray in order to gain power in the Viking world: if you betray us, you will die in one of the most horrible ways possible!

These are only five of the reasons for which I absolutely love "Vikings." It may not be the most historically accurate show, and in fact its producer didn't intend to do that, but it masterfully manages to render alive a world shrouded in myth and mystery, a world of violence and destruction, but also of cultural interaction, of spiritual revelation, of exploration and discovery. It is a world that still has a lot of secrets to reveal to those who are interested in finding out more about the Norsemen and their ways; "Vikings" is just a gateway to this lost world, an invitation to read and find out more about it, but it is undoubtedly a great historical show which I'm going to enjoy to the very end!

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  • bobbyc  28-01-2017
    Vikings are only one of the History Channel series that I also enjoy watching. The one thing I really enjoy about watching the History Channel is that the producers pick some very good shows to produce. Thanks for writing this article.
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    • Sebastian Onciu  10-02-2017
      History Channel has some really interesting shows with people like you and I who do truly interesting and unpredictable things, therefore I am glad I can watch this channel in my country. Thank you for reading and commenting and good luck!
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